Power of Love Cinema movie of Vrijthof concert 2024
Power of love. De Limburger June 12, 2024, by Rob Cobben. André Rieu's Vrijthof concerts can be seen in three thousand cinemas: "A gesture for people who cannot be there" A recording of the upcoming concerts by André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra on the Vrijthof can be seen in three thousand cinemas in more than sixty countries from the end of August. Distributor "Piece of Magic" announced this on Tuesday. Twenty-five cameras record the performances of Rieu and his orchestra on the Maastricht square. The film, titled "Power of Love," will premiere on August 31. The viewer will see a combination of classical music, musicals and popsongs which Rieu and his orchestra will perform during the twelve concerts in Maastricht, in the period from Thursday 4 to Sunday 21 July 2024. These performances are almost sold out. It is not the first time that a film of the Vrijthof concerts has appeared in cinemas. “We started ten years ago and it immediately turned out to be a great success,” says Caspar Nadaud of the Amsterdam distribution company Piece of Magic. “Last year's concert recording was attended by almost 400,000 people. What is also booming: the Christmas concerts in the MECC. We started this three years ago and it is attracting more and more viewers.” According to Nadaud, the films are a nice gesture to people who would like to go to a Rieu concert, but cannot go for various reasons. “We receive great reactions from all over the world.” The concerts on the Vrijthof are recorded with about 25 cameras under the direction of Michel Fizzano, says Nadaud. About fifty people are involved. Fizzano has previously made films about Rieu concerts in Bucharest, Dublin and London. For each country where the film is shown, a different presenter has been recruited. “That increases the connection with the viewer,” says Nadaud. For the United Kingdom it is Charlotte Hawkins of the ITV channel. And Polish viewers will receive a report from Maja Jasinska, who plays as a flutist in Rieu's orchestra. André van Duin has been the regular reporter for the Netherlands in recent years, but he does not have time this year, says Nadaud. “Now Pierre, André's son, is doing the honors.” The various reporters interview André Rieu after his concerts. “That is an absolute added value for cinema viewers. Because if you go to his concerts, you won't get that...”