Recorded in 2016.
Episode 1: Magic in Maastricht
Episode 2: How It All Began
Episode 4: Love In Maastricht
Episode 5: World Tour
New British road soap by Sky Arts. A big thank you to Edna Welton and Steve/Nicola. Broadcast in the Netherlands by Avro/Tros in May, June and July 2017.
Photo Sally Hodges.
Episode 3: Dance The Night Away
This episode contains an interview with Ruud Merx. His wife Lin gave permission to keep the interview in this episode. Giedre’s son was born in July 2015. His name is Auris Rafael.
Episode 6: Christmas in London
Episode 7: Making The Magic
Episode 8: Wedding special
Episode 9: European Dream
Episode 10: My Musical Year
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