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The Maastricht webcam. Hotel DuCasque replaced the aging webcam in July 2014. Please click HERE to see the images of the new high quality webcam facing the Vrijthof square in Maastricht. Many thanks to Hotel DuCasque for this service.
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Last update: Jan.19, 2018
GOLD MEMBERSHIP HAS COME TO AN END. André Rieu Productions let us know that they have stopped taking/renewing Gold membership on June 1st 2017. Some Gold memberships will still be valid untill June 1st 2018. After this date Gold memberships will definitely be finished. Gold member gifts for 2016-2017, are being sent out now. We hope this information is helpful to you.
André Rieu announced TWELVE Maastricht 2018 concert dates for July: on 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22 July 2018. Tickets on sale at: https://www.andrerieu.com/en/tour, or www.visitmaastricht.com. You can also mail: info@vvvmaastricht.nl (tourist office) These are the official tickets sales points. Do not purchase from any other vendor. Typically you pay too much and those tickets are not guaranteed! Click HERE for the seating plan and prices.   Good luck!
TWELVE MAASTRICHT CONCERTS FOR 2018 HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED!! The fan dinner will take place on Friday July 6. You may sign up now! http://www.andrerieumovies.com/maastricht_fandinner.htm 
October 29th, 2017. André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra just finished a succesfull tour in the USA (October and November 2017). Many fans followed them. Read the reports of the West Coast concerts. Click on the picture.
November 26, 2017. Life Radio Interview with André Rieu by Alex Belfield, Celebrity Radio, UK. Click on the picture
December 2, 2017 On ARD, German TV: The Advent Party of 100.000 lights. Host: Florian Silbereisen. Click on the picture.
Born on December 8, 2017. Welcome to the world: Sascha. Congratulations to her parents Youri and Mirusia.
December 24, 2017. German TV channel ZDF. It is an annual tradition: André Rieu is a guest in the Carmen Nebel show on Christmas Eve. Click on the picture to watch this performance.
December 28, 2017. Two record companies arranged a meeting in André’s castle in Maastricht, between two top salesmen of Christmas albums, who had never met before: Andr é Rieu and the Belgian singer Frank Michael. Click on the picture to watch the interview.
December 30, 2017. First performance by students of “SPLASH”, which is the new percussion school, founded by Marcel Falize in June 2016. Did you know that the Falize family also started a Tyrolean Band, named “Ohne Bergen”, which means “Without Mountains?”. Click on the picture.
January 6, 2018. Traditional New Year’s concert in Amsterdam. The first concert in the new year and the first of the new tour, was performed in Amsterdam. It was a big success (as always). Where else fitted the song “Tulips from Amsterdam” better than here? Click on the picture for a video and photo impression.
Will you be in Maastricht on Friday July 6th 2018? Did you know about the FAN DINNER? Just sign up now!! Meet all your friends from Facebook!! For more details, click http://www.andrerieumovies.com/maastricht_fandinner.htm 
January 21st, 2018: www.andrerieumovies.com turns 11. Happy anniversary. We hope to continue for a long time! Ruud and Ineke.
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