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For more news and interviews, go to Sue's / John's André Rieu fans Harmony Parlor  fan web site. Click HERE.
Sonja’s dormant Translations web site (2002 - 2008) contains more information. Click HERE.
The Maastricht webcam. Hotel DuCasque replaced the aging webcam in July 2014. Please click HERE to see the images of the new high quality webcam facing the Vrijthof square in Maastricht. Many thanks to Hotel DuCasque for this service.
Ten concerts in July 2017 in André’s hometown Maastricht! On Thurs. 6, Fri. 7, Sat. 8, Sun. 9, Thurs. 13, Fri. 14, Sat. 15, Sun. 16, Fri. 21, and Sat. 22 of July. Click HERE for tickets and information on André’s official website. Click HERE for the spare ticket mediation service on this website. Coming to Maastricht? Consult all items under the button “Maastricht 2017 Info” for your information.
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On the occasion of our 10th anniversary we renewed our fan website with a fresh new look on January 1st 2017. We hope to continue following André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra for many more years to come and bring pleasure to the fans with our updates and translations. Since we live in the Netherlands, we are very proud to be long term fans (over 25 years) of a Dutch world star and his multi-talented orchestra.
Last update: May 20th 2017
March 8th 2017 On Monday July 10, 2017 a world premier will take place on the Vrijthof Square, thanks to André Rieu who made his stage and equipment available. The Zuid-Nederland Philharmonic will play live on stage while the audience simultaneously can watch the entire film WEST SIDE STORY on the big screens. Click HERE to read the article from Chapeau Magazine in the Harmony Parlor. Dinner arrangements (start 6.30 pm) will be available. The concert will start at 9 PM. To book tickets, watch the website story-film-live-orchestra/ or mail 
March 27, 2017. Currently (2016-2017) a huge underground bicycle parking facility  is being constructed in front of the Maastricht railway station. For more information click on the picture and scroll down the page.
On April 1st 2017 Carmen Monarcha released her new CD “AMORE” at a cultural bookstore in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Click on the picture to see some photos and watch a video in which Carmen is singing a duet with Mirusia Louwerse: You raise me up.
April 9, 2017. Mirusia’s concert tour “From the heart” as seen in Rijswijk, NL. Click on the picture to watch a video impression. Mirusia will be touring the Netherlands again in 2018, with her new concert: An Enchanted Evening with Mirusia. Dates will be announced soon. Stay tuned!
The Fan dinner on the ship will take place on Friday July 7. Click HERE to register and pay for the fan dinner. Fan picnics will be held on Saturdays July 8,15,22 from 12 - 2 PM. Click HERE for more information. On Monday July 10: the Southern Philharmonic will play the West Side Story on André’s stage. Click HERE to buy tickets. On Wednesday July 12 soprano Laura Engel offers another surprise to the fans: Her “En-canto” concert in Maastricht.
May 2017. Dates for the cinema streaming of the Live Maastricht 2017 concert will be on 22 and 23 July in European cinemas. 29 and 30 July in Australian cinemas. Tickets are on sale now on line or at your local cinema. Photo by Sally Hodges.
May 6, 2017. Will you be in Maastricht on July 12th? Laura Engel, soprano, announced her new En-Canto concert on Wednesday July 12th in theater La Bonbonnière in Maastricht. Click HERE for tickets and more information. Laura likes to know your favorite song. Maybe she’ll add it to her program. Leave your vote within the next three weeks on the poll, click HERE.
May 2017. Nice long double interview with André Rieu and Jo Cortenraedt in Chapeau Magazine. Click on the picture to read it at the Harmony Parlor.
May - June - July 2017. New roadsoap series, broadcast every Wednesday evening on Dutch TV, by Avro-Tros: Welcome to my world 2. Click on the picture to watch the episodes so far.
May 2017. On May 12th 2017 it was exactly 100 years ago that André Rieu senior was born (1917 - 1992). In the newspaper “The Limburger” an article appeared about the “real” André Rieu”. He passed away in 1992. Barely two years later his son broke through. Where Junior shines the light genre, senior was superior in the serious classical level. Click on the picture to read the article in the Harmony Parlor.
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