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Important message for the fans about FAKE RIEUS. Currently a few fake Rieus are misleading the fans on Facebook, click HERE. Be sure that the real André Rieu never writes messages to fans on Facebook or via PM. He’ll never ask for money or whatever. He has no adopted son, he does not announce concerts or Meet and Greets on Facebook. The right information can be found on his official website: www.andrerieu.com. So please report and block these fake persons.
June 26, 2018. Annual Congress of the Association of Dutch Municipalities. Interviewer: Twan Huys. Click on the picture.
Maastricht 2018 videos on our website
Our media appearance, click here The L1mbourgeois/L1 programs, click here The concert, click here Recording of the German introductions (aka the ‘Dress Rehearsal’), click here The Fan Dinner, click here Ode to ARP, click here Marc Rieu’s exhibition, click here Tiroler ohne Bergen, click here Concert of the Gracenotes, click here. Meet and Greet(s) at ‘Jouw Marktkraam’, click here. Three fan picnics, click here. André in cinemas. click here. Our own story, click here.
The party is over! We had a fantastic time with the music and the friends from all across the world. Thank you André Rieu, Johann Strauss orchestra and crew for 13 great concerts. Enjoy your well-deserved holiday now. Prediction for next year by Pierre: probably 12 concerts.
Ode to André Rieu Productions. Lidia Surówka (She is from Poland but lives in Maastricht) was one of the victims who lost her money by the bankruptcy of one of the Vrijthof restaurants. This is what she likes to write to ARP: My five friends and I bought terrace arrangements for the July 15th concert in one of the restaurants on the Vrijthof, at the beginning of December 2017. After our tickets hadn't shown up till the middle of April, and the contact person didn't answer my email, I finally decided to go there, and see what was going on. Can you imagine that feeling, when, instead of this nice restaurant I had seen before, I saw something that looked like an abandoned place?? The staff from a neighboring restaurant told me, that "our” restaurant went bankrupt, so it was clear that there won't be any tickets, and the money we paid for them was also "gone with the wind". I was advised to contact Andre Rieu Productions, which I did. And this is when the good part of the story begins. In the first mail I got from them, they wrote that they had been looking for some solutions. It took them a while, but they just did something amazing; they literally "created a new restaurant" for those poor 700 fans, that lost their dinner tickets and their money (€ 86 p.p) to this restaurant that went bankrupt. They used this empty space on both sides of the theatre steps. They somehow brought there lots of tables, chairs, plates, and cutlery. They had to hire the waiters, someone had to cook all those tasty dishes. We were welcomed with a glass of champagne, treated with delicious and beautifully served food, by a very friendly staff. We didn't have to pay any additional money. They not only saved 700 people's evening, but did it at the top level. I am highly impressed, and grateful. Thank you André, Pierre, and the ARP team. Lidia. Also read the article in the Harmony Parlor website, click here.
July 23, 2018. In Memoriam: Bill Henderson (94), New Zealand. This morning we received the sad message that our dear friend Bill Henderson has passed away on Monday July 23rd 2018, at the age of 94. Bill, accompanied by his daughter Barbara, attended many André Rieu concerts all over the world. Bill loved the André Rieu concerts and the fans. And the fans loved him. He was a blessed man to have a daughter like Barbara who took him everywhere. Our sincere condolences go to Barbara and the family. Dear Bill, rest in peace. (Click on the picture).
July 24, 2018. BBC World Service “ In the Studio” Radio interview with André Rieu. Click on the picture to hear the interview.
July 29, 2018. In Memoriam: Krystyna Pasnik (52) Poland. Today we received this sad message by Kenneth Baker: “It is with sadness in my heart that I must inform you that Krystyna Pasnik died this morning due to complications with her diabetes.” We were shocked to read this. Only a week ago we spoke to Ken and Krystyna in Maastricht with the Rieu concerts! They’d also been in Maastricht in 2015 and 2016. We are so sad. She was only 52. Our deepest sympathy go to Ken and the family. We wish them strength to bear the loss. (Click on the picture).
André Rieu claims the biggest music concert cinema event of all time! From the UK and Ireland: The King of Waltz has made event cinema history! Piece of Magic Entertainment’s André Rieu’s 2018 Maastricht Concert “Amore” in cinemas took more than £1.66 million in the UK and Ireland, becoming the biggest music concert event in cinema of all time (source: comScore). To read more: click HERE. From Australia: André Rieu storms into Aussi box office alongside Mamma Mia and Whitney. To read more: click HERE.
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