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Tickets and Accomodation For Maastricht 2017
Useful concert tips for Maastricht Take your ticket(s) A bottle of water Camera, spare batteries and memory A lanyard from André's boutique is very handy for your phone/camera Scarves, banners, flags, glow lights Some fans like to wear a red rose to show that you know the Harmony parlor Wear pants with pockets, deep pockets. Money to buy a program or souvenirs. Buy them early because they might sell out. Gold membership card if you have one (10% off merchandise) (not sure if it works..) Have a good meal at lunch and a snack at dinner time Go to the toilet before the concert - you don't want to line up at interval and return too late! You’ll be André’s target on the big screens! Get to the venue early. Go inside the venue as early as you can. You never know who or what you might see! André and JSO are on the steps of the Theatre half an hour prior to the start of the concert Stay for ALL the encores Stay around after the concert! You never know what might happen! Wear comfortable shoes, warm clothes Bring an emergency poncho in case it might rain (André gives them on the seats). A small backpack rather than a handbag, because you need both arms for clapping, swaying etc. You need somewhere to put your purchases.
TERRACE DINNER ARRANGEMENTS 2017 How to book a dinner arrangement in one of the Vrijthof restaurants for the 2017 concerts? Mail directly to the Vrijthof restaurants or contact the tourist office   to book terrace arrangements, (three course dinner, excl. drinks, and included watching the concert on a big screen). The price of a dinner arrangement is approx. €85 per person. You may contact the following restaurants: Restaurant Brasserie Monopole, Vrijthof 3, phone: +31 (0)43 321 40 90 website:  mail:  Attention: dress code: WHITE!! Grand Café Nieuw Bruin, Vrijthof 5,  phone:  +31 (0)43 321 87 24 website:  mail:  Hotel Brasserie Britannique, Vrijthof 6, phone +31 (0)43 321 86 91 website:  mail:  Restaurant Aux Pays Bas, Vrijthof 7, phone: +31 (0)43 325 44 59 website:  mail:  Restaurant Momus, Vrijthof 8, phone: +31 (0)43 321 19 37 website:  mail:  Restaurant Vrijthof 9, Vrijthof 9, phone: 0031-43-356 11 10 website:  mail:  Restaurant Rekko, Vrijthof 10, phone: +31 (0)43 321 99 56 website:  mail:  Asia Tapas restaurant: Vrijthof 11, phone: +31(0)43-2041100 website:  , mail:  . Grand Café D’n Ingel, Vrijthof 13, phone: +31 (0)43 321 72 26 website:  mail:  Italian restaurant Fameuse, Vrijthof 14, phone: +31(0)43 321 90 44 website:  mail:  In den ouden Vogelstruys, Vrijthof 15, phone: +31 (0)43 321 48 88 Website:  mail:  Steak restaurant Gauchos, Vrijthof 52, phone: +31 (0)43 325 50 22   mail:  Le Theatre Hotel, Vrijthof 50, phone: +31 (0)43 3030280             Brasserie: Revue.  Mail:  Grand Café De Perroen: Vrijthof 34-35, phone: +31-(0)43-3252073 Website:  mail:    GIO’s: Vrijthof 29A, Phone +31 (0)43 3256275 (no e-mail or website known). De Groote Societeit: Vrijthof 36, phone: +31 (0)625017026 Mail:  Please mail them the following information: 1) Name, 2) Address, 3) Zip code, 4) City, 5) Country, 6) Your e-mail address, 7) Date of the dinner arrangement, 8) Number of persons. Concerning: André Rieu terrace arrangement. And please ask for a confirmation mail, to avoid misunderstandings.
Maastricht Anthem. At every Maastricht concert André plays the Maastricht anthem. Be sure you can sing along with the Maastricht residents!
Carnival song: Maastricht is niet breed
Refrain (in dialect): Mestreech is neet breid meh Mestreech dat is laank. Mestreech is de stad vaan de Gezèlle vaan de Zaank. Niks is te lestig en niks is te zwoer,want vruntsjap dat is noe zjus de krach vaan 't koer. For more information about this song, click HERE (Sonja’s dormant translations website)
HOTELS / BED & BREAKFAST ADDRESSES Accommodations, Where to stay??? Accommodations are very quickly fully booked during the Maastricht concerts in July. A great web site is Please be sure to book an accomodation with a last minute cancellation policy. We can also recommend the Maastricht Tourist Information (VVV). You can book accommodation through their website: . The site is in Dutch (NL), English (EN), French (FR) and German (DE) or: - mail them on,  or: - call them at +31 (0)43 325 21 21. Please be aware of any time difference: Notice our world time clocks at the left side of this page. Booking desk of the Tourist Office is open Mo-Fri: 9AM - 6PM, Sat: 9AM - 5PM and from May to Oct. also on Sun: 11AM - 3PM. Another good website is:  You may also try B&Bs and AirB&B
TRAVEL PACKAGES VIA ANDRE’s WEBSITE. Click on  to find the possibilities to book an André Rieu travel package. He is also on Facebook with André Rieu Travel!!
How to park your car in Maastricht. For those coming by automobile and are looking to park their car: Everywhere in the Netherlands, especially inside the cities, it is difficult to park your car. Even more so in narrow medieval cities, like Maastricht. Most parking lots in the city center of Maastricht have the same price: € 1 per 22 minutes or € 25.-- per (24 hours) day/night. The parking garage under the Vrijthof square is the most expensive: € 35.-- per 24 hours. It is so expensive because the municipality tries to discourage the traffic in the city center. Parking outside the city center is cheaper. There is a big parking lot named Belvédère (address: Caberger weg) where you can park your car for about € 9,-- per day. Walking time to the Vrijthof is approximately 15 minutes. Other possibility is to park underneath the Kennedy Bridge, which is called parking lot Stadspark I and Stadspark II. Also walking time to the Vrijthof is appr. 10 minutes. On the St. Peter's mountain, next to Fort St. Pieter and the entrance to Chalet Bergrust and the caves of Grotten Noord, is free parking, but it will take you a good 30 minutes' walk to the Vrijthof! For an overview of the parking locations and parking rates, please click here.
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