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Spare Ticket Mediation Service Concerning Maastricht concert tickets for July 2017
Spare Ticket Mediation Service Regularly we receive requests from people who have left-over tickets for the Maastricht 2017 concerts and ask if we know someone who is interested in them. Likewise we receive questions from people who are looking for Maastricht concert 2017 tickets. This ticket mediation service is intended to bring sellers and buyers together. (we don't buy or re-sell the tickets ourselves). People who have tickets to offer can report them using the form below. For people looking for tickets, may we suggest to first have a look at the official André Rieu website, click on "Agenda/Calendar", scroll down to the desired date and press "Buy Tickets". In addition you may have a look below (scroll down) and see if there are any tickets to your liking, offered by attendants of the concerts who have either left-over tickets or are unable to attend.
The GOLDEN rules: Tickets must be offered/sold at face value,   Category 1: Block A2:    €99  Category 2: Blocks A1, B2 and A3:    €80  Category 3: Blocks B1, C2 and B3:    €65  Category 4: Blocks C1 and C3:    €55  Price excludes the service charge of €3.50 per ticket € 4.65 Payment charges.  Total charges per ticket are €8.15! Additional costs may only include postage for (registered) mail. When you offer tickets, please specify which section, row, seats. We will not mediate between seller and buyer, nor will we provide any payment services. When tickets are sold, we ask the seller to inform us immediately, so we can remove the offer from the list below.
Day # Seat(s) Contact € Email Address Thu 6th Fri 7th Sat 8th Sun 9th Thu 13th Fri 14th Sat 15th Sun 16th Fri 21st Sat 22nd
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