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Corona virus (COVID-19) March 2020.
In March 2020 a dangerous Influenza virus spread across the world and the people of many countries in Europe and as well on the other continents, had been advised to go into self-isolation. A very weird situation which has never happened before. André Rieu, his Johann Strauss Orchestra and crew (110 persons) were in Florida at the time. They had to return home after their first concert (out of 8) of the USA tour. People have to keep their distance, are not allowed to attend events and have to stay at home as much as possible to stop the degree of contamination. To cheer us up many initiatives originated to encourage the fans by playing music via Radio, TV, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. André treated us to more free DVD concerts, and YouTube videos. Soloists and JSO members posted nice videos. We collected a few, which we really do appreciate very much. Thanks guys, for making our empty time more enjoyable. Music has healing powers!
A sad André had to tell his group to go home (click on the picture). The video below is taken from Ivo Niehe’s TV show, March 22.
Facebook Profile photo of Laura Engel, husband Pascal Mestrom and son Matéo.
Mrs. Annemarie Penn-te Strake, Mayor of Maastricht, initiated a Musical Challenge. On March 22, at 6 PM, all musicians should play the “Ode to Joy” piece (All men shall be brothers) at home with open windows or outside in front of their houses. This musical piece is considered becoming the European anthem. Ruud put together a nice compilation, taken from Facebook and Instagram. The Dutch royal family is applauding the healthcare workers (and…. the musicians!!). Due to this COVID-19 virus the King’s birthday celebration in Maastricht on April 27th 2020 will be postponed to 2021.
While André’s staff is rescheduling the missed concerts, André is spreading positivity by baking apple turnovers and “Bossche Bollen” for his family at home in Maastricht. (Currently Dutch Govern- ment’s advice is to stay at home until June 2020).
Mirusia is at home in Australia, but at the end of May she had organized two sold out concerts in the Netherlands, which she had to postpone, due to the government’s June 2020 line. Here she sings Udo Jürgens’ song: “Give me your fear, I’ll give you hope in return”.
March 25, 2020. The German TV show “Leute Heute” shows André in self-isolation at home. What does he do all day?? Baking “Bossche bollen” (puffs filled with whipped cream and covered with chocolate) and other delicacies for his grandchildren! Translation from German by Ineke, assisted by John.
March 28, 2020. Article from De Telegraaf / Privé. Click HERE to read it on the Harmony Parlor Website.
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