Béla Mavrák, tenor (2) Page 2.
On February 23rd 2016, Béla posted a review to the New Year’s concert in Zrenjanin (Serbia) on his Facebook timeline. This was his message: “I have lots of good memories of the New Year's concert in Zrenjanin. That is why I put together some highlights to share with all of you. It was a very international evening. I sang in seven different languages and I hope that in a next concert I can sing in even more. Music speaks to all nationalities and it doesn't know borders”.
October 23, 2015. RTVParkstad (Limburg) broadcast an impression of the Grande Belcanto Concert with Béla Mavrák and Laura Engel. The video includes interviews with Béla (In German) and with Laura (in Dutch). English subtitles added. See the video below.
This concert was co-organized by Merx Music Productions, in the honor of 150 years Church Choir St. Joseph, in the Limburg town of Bocholtz.
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