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Almeh Luz A concert by Carla Maffioletti and Jutta Maria Böhnert
On Sunday July 7, 2019 we had an enjoyable afternoon at Mestrom’s Chandeliers Gallery, St. Annalaan 42 in Maastricht. Carla Maffioletti and Jutta Maria Böhnert performed a great concert of songs in five different languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, German an English. Carla played the classical guitar. Laura is not a part of the Almeh Luz program, but in this case she treated us to also perform a song, accompagnied by Carla on the guitar. We had a great time at the warm and intimate atmosphere of the Chandeliers Art Gallery. Duration of the video: 60 minutes.
Do you recognize Babette? The lady in red who uses to run for the bull?
Snacks and drinks in the break.
Babette is on the screens (fences).
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