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Zate Hermeniekes (Drunken marching brass bands).
February 12, 2020: RTV Maastricht. This year André Rieu has been selected to conduct the “Zate Hermeniekes” on Carnival Tuesday, February 25th. The orchestra leader will lead the bands on the Vrijthof during the performance of the Maastricht City Anthem, in the presence of Prince Luc II, the carnival Prince. This is the first time Rieu will take control of this annual tradition. The carnival street bands are called “Zate Hermeniekes” which means: “Drunken marching brass bands”. There is a group of sculptures on the Vrijthof Square which honors them. When the fans are in Maastricht during the André Rieu summer concerts, they never see the sculptures, since they are hidden behind the stage. Carnival in Limburg will take place on 23, 24 and 25 February 2020. The last day, which is called Carnivals Tuesday, it is a tradition that a well-known citizen of Maastricht conducts all the marching brass bands together, on the Vrijthof square. The orchestra conductor receives support from Governor Theo Bovens and Mayor Annemarie Penn- te Strake. They play with “Sous Bras Band Tête de Veau” and “De Dreuvege vaan’ t Pleinsje”. The teamwork ends on “the day of the Zate Hermeniekes” - as carnival Tuesday is called. The rehearsals of the orchestra leader and the Zate Hermeniekes bands will start soon.
This frame is waiting for the L1 (Limburg Television) recordings on February 25th.
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