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In May 2019 Anna released her first CD, together with piano player and organist Arjan Breukhoven, titled: Songs of Fantasy. On Saturday July 6th, 2019, during a “Meet and Greet” at “Jouw Marktkraam” shop, Jodenstraat 32, (next to the Tourist Office) in Maastricht, fans can buy her CD and have it signed by Anna. Watch the video below to hear an impression of the CD.
2015: This is what André Rieu wrote on his website to introduce Anna: Anna Majchrzak. When I saw Anna for the first time, I thought that a fairy-tale princess had come into the studio. When it also transpired that she could sing, then I knew it: I would take this lady along on tour! Anna grew up with a brother and two sisters in Rotterdam. It soon became clear that Anna was the most musical member of the family. Her Polish father has always been a great fan of his musical daughter, and wished that his children would later find work which they would enjoy doing. And that has succeeded! She immediately felt at home in the cosy JSO. For her, our bus trips feel like a luxurious version of the long journeys to Poland that she used to make regularly with her family. Anna lives with her husband in Rotterdam. It will not surprise you that this musical lady also chose a singer for spouse!
In May 2019 she was 5 months pregnant.
To watch what the 2018 Meet and Greets were about, click HERE.
In July 2019, during the series of 12 André Rieu concerts in Maastricht, Anna Majchrzak gave a meet and greet for the fans. Click HERE for a photo impression.
July 2019, 7 months pregnant.
Anna told us that the baby (expected in September) will be a girl. On the meet and greet in July the fans gave her presents for the baby.
In October 2019 Anna announced the birth of her daughter Julia Flora Joanne Spoeltman, on September 18th 2019. Congratulations to Anna and her husband and welcome to the world, baby Julia.
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