Béla Mavrák, tenor (3) website: www.bela-mavrak.de
April 12, 2020, Easter. Béla Mavrak on Facebook: For this unusual Easter I want to share a piece of music that many find comforting and hopeful. It's a fusion of Ave Maria, by Bach/Gounod and by Astor Piazzolla. I recorded this very special piece in Italy, with the orchestra of Gennaro Desiderio. I would like to dedicate this song to all the victims of this sad situation in the world.
July 2020. I am honored to be appreciated by the media in my home country. During my stay there I was interviewed by several news outlets. Magyar Szó TV guide even chose me for their cover. Without them and my fans’ support I wouldn’t be where I am today.
June 2020 (corona time) I have missed performing and traveling so much, but now I am on my way to sing at an open air concert this Sunday! It will be an evening of movie melodies with the Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra to celebrate World Music Day. Sunday at 20:30 in Novi Sad (Serbia), entrance is free!
In March 2020 André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra had to return home from their American tour, because of the world wide outbreak of COVID-19. They had only performed one concert in Tampa, Florida. All big events world wide were canceled, also the Maastricht July concerts. In July 2020 the borders between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany opened up again. We were allowed to be in the open air with a few people without face masks.
July 2020. The three tenors with their wives, met in private in Serge’s hometown Kelmis, in Belgium. Gary and Béla live in Cologne, Germany.
Instagram: December 2, 2020.
Bela Mavrak on Facebook, January 22, 2021. I want to share a song with you that my mother rescued from time herself. She was an intelligent woman, and always interested in culture, history and music. When we lived in the village of Szentmihály (Mihajlovo), she used to visit the older people and ask them to sing the songs they learned from their parents and grandparents, and she would record them on her reel to reel tape recorder so they would not be forgotten. This is one of the songs she saved, and that I wanted to bring back to life for a new generation. The song is in Hungarian, and tells the sad story of a young man who has to cross a deep hole in the ground so he can pick a peony, but the flower is missing its leaves, just like the man is missing his lover. The moon tells him his lover is underground, and separated from our world like a bird separated from the flock. Masterfully accompanied and improvised on piano by Aleksandar Dujin.
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