Bucharest Concerts Part 2 June 2015
Seven sold out concerts in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, On June 5, 6, 7, and 11, 12, 13, 14. Open air concerts on Piata Constitutiei (Constitution Square), in front of the Parliaments Building, former Ceausescu palace.
Dragomir and Tudor
Mircea and Patrecia
Autographs by Gary Bennett
After a meal and a rest in the hotel we were ready for the second concert. In the hotel we met two more Romanian ladies (Felicia and Dorothea) and the Scottish Susan O'Hara. Today 5000 extra reduced price tickets for "on the grass" just in front of the Parliament building were made available and the proceeds to be donated to charity. Bravo André, a very nice gesture! It was hot, hot, hot, again! In every concert André tells the audience that he is so proud of all the international friendships that have evolved because of his music. So we think he knows about the fan gatherings in several countries. The concert was filmed during this evening’s presentation. We saw a sky mote camera move above the audience and also a drone. Oh, I forgot to tell that we bumped into the camera/sound team “Jozef and Maria” (Jozef and Sebastiaan) when we entered the venue. We recognized them, said hello and a reporter requested we’d speak English… Would that mean that they are recording a new British road soap for SKY TV??? So we were interviewed! Watch the RTL Late Night Show (at 1.51) in which the discussion was: New Road Soap yes or no.  (If you missed this program: Click HERE). The audience was again modest in the beginning and outrageous at the end. Gheorghe Zamfir and the Romanian music and folklore were much appreciated. The Berlin Comedian Harmonists sang the enthusiastic song: "Happy days are here again". As usual we ended the day with a drink in the hotel bar with our friends and again we slept very well!
12.000 people on the square and 5.000 on the grass in front of the Parliament Building.
On Sunday June 14th, Rodica and Mihai took Jack and Edna for a daytrip to Transylvania, but we had to return to the airport and fly back. This time, without any delays. In Amsterdam it was cloudy and 16 degrees C (59F). I have never been so happy with gray and cloudy weather before! Last but not least we like to thank Rodica and Mihai Trasca for everything they did for us. In our opinion we made the best out of the two days in Bucharest. We saw a lot and learned a lot of Romanian history and culture. We also like to thank Iaver Tudor for the walking tour through a different part of Bucharest, which we enjoyed very much. Our stay was short, but maybe the next time we'll return and stay longer. Thank you very much, dear friends. Ineke.
On the very last day before Christmas, December 24, 2015, we found a big surprise in André’s Advent Calendar! A preview of the “Live in Bucharest” DVD: André and the Johann Strauss Orchestra performing in Romania for the first time ever! Click on the video below.
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