Jubilee 100 years EMM-Ooy 1994
This is a performance at an anniversary of the local traditional EMM militia in the village of Ooy-Zevenaar, in the Dutch province of Gelderland. In the Middle Ages, guilds and militia companies had the goal of protecting the village community. Today the traditions are maintained by folkloric performances at parades, fairs and marksmen competitions. The militia company EMM was started here in 1894. André put together a small ensemble (The Maastricht Salon Orchestra, still in 1994?) to liven up the party, but they could also enjoy themselves with the singing of their own choir. Besides André we see Irene Ruijs, Andrea Ivanyos (she hails from Hungary), Jan ? and Jo Huijts (piano), who joined the Johann Strauss Orchestra from the beginning in 1987. The recording is privately created by a resident from the village of Ooy: Jan Kruitwagen, and sent to us by Fons Grob. It gives us an impression of André’s life before his big breakthrough, before he became a big world star. Thank you Fons.
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