CinemaLive “Christmas with André”. 19 and 27 November 2016
On November 19 and 27, 2016, there was a live streaming by CinemaLive of the movie “Christmas with André” in many countries all over Europe and Australia/New Zealand. The broadcast combined a part of the Christmas DVD “Christmas in London” (to be released on December 3, 2016) with an addition of a Christmas shopping tour in Maastricht and an interview with Questions and Answers (Q&A). In the Pathé cinema The Hague, Buitenhof, (the Netherlands) the mime orchestra “the Golden Oldies” brought the audience into the proper Christmas mood, as did the glasses of Prosecco. The cinema was sold out. The audience loved the movie very much, they applauded and sang along. Since there were no Dutch subtitles, during the interview and Q and A by Charlotte Hawkins, many people of the older generation, who cannot understand English, left the cinema under the Q&A.  That was disturbing and noisy.
Performance of the Golden Oldies and (second part Q and A): André answering the fan’s questions.
If you like to see more of the Dutch senior group “Golden Oldies at Full Speed”, Click HERE.
Pathé cinema Buitenhof in The Hague, Holland. For the André fans: a red carpet and prosecco.
Christmas shopping in Maastricht.
November 2016: Making of the Cinema Christmas Special “Christmas with André” on the “Onze Lieve Vrouweplein” by TV Maastricht. Amazing preparations for the cinema movie. The fire brigade provided the necessary snow. Charlotte Hawkins asked André some questions from the fans You can hear them in the first video on this page. We like to thank Jean en Marie-Jeanne Raemaekers who sent us this video. The video is Dutch spoken, sorry, we did not add English subtitles.
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