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On November 14th 2014, Carmen Monarcha performed a show in TOM JAZZ (the venue) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Angela Caracik recorded her songs and Celeste Rabello put them together to one video. Duration: one hour. For the fans, to enjoy! Thanks Angela and Celeste!
On November 26th 2014 Carmen posted on Facebook: How kind of you Angela Caracik! Thank you all, but especially to you, our dear Ineke Cornelissen, Rudolf Schneider and Celeste Rabello, for the tremendous dedication and brilliant portrayal in all your recordings photos and aid in resolving certain issues !! Your sharing of my work, both in and out of Brazil, inspires me and for that you have earned my eternal gratitude and friendship. Thank you; it’s wonderful to know that my art is so endearing a part of your lives. Thousand kisses.
Febr. 2014: Rudolfo Schneider from Brazil started a petition to promote a campaign, with the idea that Carmen Monarcha should perform the National Anthem during the opening ceremony of the World Cup (Football/Soccer) 2014 in Brazil. If you share the same idea, you can sign up by clicking on THIS LINK. Fill in your e-mail address and optional why you think it has to be Carmen. Press “Assine” and you have signed the petition.
February 2014. Carmen’s new DVD. To our joy we received another DVD, sent to us by Rudolfo Schneider, including a lovely hand written message by Carmen herself. We’ll cherish this DVD and Carmen’s big kiss. Thank you Carmen and Thank you Rudolfo.
January 2014: New DVD by Carmen Monarcha. The DVD is sold via Carmen's web site: . On the website, first select the language (Brazilian - BR-, English -EN- or Spanish -ES-). The DVD (which includes a CD with the same songs) can be ordered through the ‘Store’. Below the trailer of this wonderful DVD. Thanks to Silvana for sending us this DVD.
Before each song on the DVD, Carmen introduces the song in an elegant way. The DVD is recorded in Brazilian language (Portuguese), but contains English and Spanish subtitles. These subtitles cannot be selected from the DVD menu, but you have to use the ‘Subtitle’ function on the remote control of your DVD player.
Carmen’s first solo DVD/CD. Carmen on Facebook: “On December 18th 2013 my first solo CD will be available for download in the iTunes!! After so much work it's finally coming true and I can share this with you all. I hope you like it!!” Note: If you order the DVD above, you also will receive a copy of this DVD. If you just want a copy of this CD, you may also visit the iTunes store
Track list: 1. Over the Rainbow, 2. Fascinacao, 3. Smile, 4. Minha Voz Minha Vida, 5. La vie en Rose, 6. Voz de Mulher, 7. Miss Celie’s Blues, 8. Quando m’en Vo, 9. Summertime, 10. Valsinha, 11. Gitana, 12. Coco Penerue, 13. Tamba-Taja, 14. Papa, can you hear me, 15. Ave Maria, 16. Estrada Branca, 17. Moon River, 18. Oh mio babbino caro, 19. Azulao.
Lunch with the Brazilian fan group. On the 11th of January Carmen and Octavio had a lunch with the Brazilian fan group. Thanks to Rudolfo for sending us the photos.
October 2013. New DVD by Carmen Monarcha will be released on November 12th. Thanks to Rudolfo Schneider for drawing our attention to this wonderful video of the release of her DVD.
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