Maastricht 2017 Fan Dinner on Friday July 7th. 135 attendees, 16 nationalities.
Free buttons for the attendees of the fan dinner and -picnics, created by Ruth Morgan from the USA, who sadly had to cancel her trip to Maastricht at the very last moment. She has been here for all 12 years of Vrijthof concerts, just missed the 13th. Thank you dear Ruth, we hope everything will turn out well and you and Jim will join us again next year. Decorating the fan dinner ship with flags, our thoughts went out to Alice and Charlie Leung from Vancouver. They created the flags and gave them to us. Charlie (Alice’s father) recently passed away. He was an enthusiastic André fan.
A brand new André cutout. The first one joined us at every fan dinner during 8 years. Our dear friend Jann, host of the Australian fan website, gave it to us in 2008, when we were in Australia for concerts and a holiday. To our regret she died as a result of a traffic crash a few years later. That’s why the first cardboard André was very dear to us. But he needed to be replaced. This one is nice too.
This year we had 135 attendees from 16 nationalities. The weather was hot, the atmosphere great as always and the food delicious as always. We thank the Stiphout crew for their professionality.
Group photo, made by Al Girard, as always. Thanks Al!
Below a short video of the fan dinner 2017, by Ruud Elshout.
Below: dessert, with long bars of sorbet ice cream: real pieces of art!
Ineke’s ear ornament: created by Agnes Fizzano-Walter, violinist. Gary Bennett, tenor, likes to hop in to greet the fans.
Alice and Charlie Leung, working on the flags in Vancouver, Canada.
Ruth Morgan, working on the buttons in Incline Village, Nevada, USA.
If you like to see more about the making of the fan stuff, please click HERE. and select the fourth video of this page (fan photo shows, part 2).
250 badges created by Ruth and sent to us in a very big and heavy box! Thanks Ruth.
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