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From Frank’s Facebook, November 1st 2014. Bell-o-ween concert. We had a Bell-o-ween concert in the abandoned bell foundry (Petit & Fritsen) where my carillon was cast. Frankenstein (of course) played the bells. If you see this, imagine what atmosphere André could create when he puts his mind to a Halloween concert. Wouldn’t that be a great and frightening idea? Photos: Marcel v.d. Kerkhof.
October 24th 2014: Telegraaf/ Privé FRANK STEIJNS: the bell player of São Paulo. Frank Steijns is one of the violinists of the Johann Strauss Orchestra. Frank is also a carillon player and is very fond of carillons: "It is our national instrument."   Frank discovered a basilica with a neglected carillon in Sao Paulo, which was put there a long time ago by two Dutch monks. "It had seized up completely and had been played for the last time in 1962. I supported the renovation and the Brazilians did not know what they were hearing when I touched the bells for the first time. We have now devised a plan to educate a Brazilian musician to play the bells; and that is how André and the Johann Strauss Orchestra bring back music to the churches."
Royal Bell Foundry "Petit & Fritsen"and Frank Steijns. August 2013. In 2010 Dutch TV featured a series about the oldest family run companies in the Netherlands. One of them was the Royal Bell Foundry "Petit & Fritsen" from 1660, which is still operating in the town Aarle-Rixtel in the province of North-Brabant. In 2010 the Foundry had existed for 320 years and was still being managed by the same family. In 2013 was a repeat of this TV series and Janny van Wingerden brought it to our attention. In this video Frank Steijns visits the Foundry to look at his new bells. As we all know: in 2007 Frank Steijns bought the mobile carillon from André Rieu and in 2009 all 43 bronze bells were stolen from a storage facility. One of the new bells wears the name "Fleur". That's the name of Frank's wife. Translation by Ineke, edited by John de Jong.
Jazz on Bells.   On Sunday August 4th 2013, between 3 PM and 5.30 PM, city carillon player Frank Steijns performed on what arguably is the coziest and most French square of the Netherlands (OLV plein - Our Dear Lady Square in Maastricht). Together with his musical friends Dorona Alberti (singer), Aron Raams (guitarist) and Greg Torunski (saxophonist) he played in front of the famous Derlon Hotel. A truly unique and unusual assembly of musicians. Read the entire article on the Harmony Parlor, by clicking on the picture.
From Frank’s Facebook Sept. 27th 2012: Ever heard of a piece called: “Canto Ostinato” by Simeon ten Holt? After André Rieu he is Holland’s most known classical musician. He composed so-called “minimal music”. People who come to these concerts lie down with pillows and blankets to listen to this composition which goes on and on for hours. I played it with my mobile carillon in Leiden last year. One of the people of the audience filmed a minute of it. An official DVD is being made. More news later. On Thursday July 12th, 2012, Frank Steijns played on the carillon of the Maastricht Town Hall in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones. Below two short videos from the local L1 television. Frank plays ‘Miss you’ and ‘Angie’. Thanks to Christ van Schijndel.
This is an impression of the Jazz on Bells program by Frank Steijns (chimes - carillon), Tamara Hoekwater (vocals) and Joep van Leeuwen (guitar) during their performance on July 1, 2012 at the Submarine Wharf in the Docks in Rotterdam as part of the exhibition: "Ballads". Thanks to Benny Geets for sending us this video clip.
Vrije Geluiden, on Dutch TV (VPRO)
The street organ and the carillon are two typical Dutch musical instruments. The Dutch TV program “Vrije Geluiden” (from April 2012) discusses the history of these instruments and their present use. From Psalms to modern compositions. As part of this program Frank Steijns will play a few compositions on his mobile carillon.
The video above is part of a program, named “Unique sounds”, which was broadcast on April 24th 2012 on Dutch television. The theme of the week was: Music in the city, at present and in the past. You can listen to two typical Dutch music instruments: the barrel organ and the carillon, with of course Frank Steijns playing the bells! Enjoy!
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