Book: “75 years André Rieu” The Limburger, by Tim Geurts
June 6th 2024 Book; “75 years André Rieu”, THE story of the Maestro, by Tim Geurts, The Limburg Newspaper. André Rieu turns 75 this year. The book will be released at the end of June 2024, but you can pre-order it right now from the Limburger’s webshop. In July the book will be available in the book shops in Maastricht. The book is only available in Dutch language. All questions from fans about purchasing the book and its shipping can be addressed to:
André Rieu has grown into a true phenomenon over the past 45 years. An artist who can compete with the greatest artists on earth on almost all continents. Yet he prefers to return to Maastrich every year, where his Vrijthof concerts attract visitors from all over the world. Note Ineke: and the stories about these visitors from all over the world can be read in my book “Music connects people”, click HERE. André Rieu turns 75 book Translation by John de Jong. André Rieu turns 75 this year, reason enough for 'De Limburger' to produce a book about the Maastricht phenomenon. The book tells the story of the 5-year-old Rieu's first violin lessons to the worldwide success he now has. The reader will notice that the road to success on almost all continents was not without its bumps. Rieu struggled with strict parents and was often said "no" by record companies and theater directors before his big breakthrough. Thanks in part to the unconditional support of his wife Marjorie, the violinist finally managed to make his big dream come true. Superfan In the book 75 years of André Rieu, the story of the maestro, quite a few people have their say. From current orchestra member Frank Steijns – who has been on stage with Rieu for decades – to his former manager Kerstin Cornelis or Rieu's 'discoverer' Math Schmeitz. Some interviewees know him personally, others work for him or have done so for years in the past. Journalist Tim Geurts also spoke with celebrities. With Ronald de Boer "about Rieu's big breakthrough at half-time of the Champions League match between Ajax and Bayern Munich in 1995" and with André van Duin "about his friendship with Rieu". The foreword to the book is written by superfan Hélène Hendriks (TV presenter). Behind the scenes Thanks to all these testimonies, the reader gets to know Rieu in all his facets. In addition, the book gives a look behind the scenes. Because what is it like to audition for new orchestra members? What happens during all those tours? And is Rieu really such a hard-nosed businessman? The book was written without the cooperation of the Rieu family. Not an insurmountable problem, because De Limburger had more than forty years of interviews on practically every conceivable subject with André, Marjorie and Pierre Rieu. Writer Tim Geurts about the book: "André Rieu has been the world's greatest artist in the Netherlands for decades. So I'm especially surprised that there hasn't been a real compilation book about Rieu before. Fortunately, there is now. Indispensable for the real fan, especially because of all those beautiful photos." The book will be available from the end of June, but can already be ordered in our web shop. You can pre-order it right now, on (only available in Dutch language) Price: € 24,95 without mailing costs. Hard cover, Size 220 mm x 224 mm. 224 pages. At the end of June the book will be available in book stores.
Hélène Hendriks.
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