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Blaaskracht L1, Radio Interview by Emil Szarkowics. January 10, 2021.
The name of the program “Blaaskracht” means something like "Blowing force". It has to do with brass bands and wind instruments. Radio Interview, L1, by Emil Szarkowics. Duration: 2 hours. Translation: Ineke/John. Subtitles: Ruud. Amongst others about surviving the corona lock down. Worst case scenario: “I'll sell my Stradivarius to keep the orchestra together”. After the interview, the L1 Radio station finished the program with 60 minutes of musical choices by André and Marjorie Rieu. Scroll down to find the next video. So the total duration of the L1 broadcast on January 10th 2021, was: 3 hours.
Musical preferences of André and Marjorie Rieu.
We like to finish this page with some pictures of the remarkable mobility of interviewer Emil. Now we fully understand why he is a RADIO interviewer!!
In the interview André and Emil are talking about performances with the early Johann Strauss Orchestra (or was it still the Maastricht Salon Orchestra?) in Amsterdam in a program with “Tineke”, in 1989. We have a fragment of that show in our Golden Oldies section, click HERE. Also interesting is to read the earliest tour programs, (also in our Golden Oldies section) with the London Strauss Dancers, Marco Bakker and Tamara Lund, click HERE.
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