Violet named after André Rieu as a birthday surprise. October 1st 2023.
Shownieuws, Oct. 1st 2023 (Tooske Ragas, Evert Santegoeds) Duration video: 5 minutes. Translation: Ineke, John; subtitles Ruud.
Video by Maja Jasińska about birthday celebrations in the orchestra (Gosia Loboda), and André’s 74th birthday.
The violets (pansies) are baptized with champagne by André.
Wim Hillenaar, mayor of Maastricht.
Gooseberry merengue cake.
'Viola André Rieu' in a violin case for a surprised orchestra leader on his birthday. Maastricht. Limburger, Oct.1st 2023. Photocredits: Harry Heuts. Translation by Ineke, edited by Diana D. Le. On his 74th birthday, André Rieu was surprised with a viola on Sunday afternoon at the Vrijthof in Maastricht. Not a Stradivarius, but an autumn flowering plant named after him: the 'Viola André Rieu'. The garden plant, with an intense shade of yellow, red, and orange, was presented to the violinist and orchestra leader as a tribute by Dutch violet growers. In a real violin case, Maastricht mayor Wim Hillenaar was allowed to present the colorful gift to the birthday boy. Passers-by were also spontaneously treated to bowls with the new viola. The 'Viola André Rieu' is a new, large-flowered violet/pansy that blooms in autumn and winter. During the flowering period, the upright flowers seem to look at you, the Dutch violet growers report. The frost-resistant plant maintains a compact shape due to the short flower stems. The 'Viola André Rieu' has been bred by Syngenta Flowers from Enkhuizen (town) and will be available at garden centers from the autumn of 2024.
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