In Memoriam (7) 2022.
January 7, 2022. In Memoriam: Dave Henise (79), USA. The Henise family members were André Rieu fans from the beginning. The photo on the left was taken during a Meet & Greet, following a concert in Cincinnati (USA) in 2005. In 2007 we personally met the Henisees in Maastricht. At that time fans who knew each other from Sonja’s translations website (it is still there, click HERE), guestbook “the Harmony Parlor”) and wore a red rose corsage, which was a way fans could recognize each other. Facebook back then did not yet exist. The closest of friendships were formed during those first years. Pictures below: left: Dave, his wife Suzie and Ingrid (Suzie’s sister). Right: the fan picnic in Maastricht 2007 (with Sue).
In September of that year (2007) Ruud and I planned a holiday to the USA, visiting a few of our friends in California: John/Bobbie, Ruth/Jim and Dave/Suzie. We have the most wonderful memories from that holiday. The Henisees took us for a boat trip on Lake Almanor and to the Lassen Volcanic National Park. We also met Suzie’s lovely mother Julie Spengler (82 years old in 2007) who was the biggest André fan of the family. She organized André Rieu parties with friends and neighbors, with refreshments, at her home.
Dave was one of the initiators of the yearly “Wheel around Lake Almanor Festival” to raise money in order to buy wheelchairs and hand cycles for disabled people. In 2007 we participated in the 10 years jubilee of the wheelchair races around the lake. In 2013 Dave suffered a severe stroke. Due to the stroke Dave was paralyzed on his left side. Suzie took care of him at home for 7 years, and a few years ago he was placed into a care home. In 2022 he suffered another stroke and passed away a few days later. We are so sorry. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. We wish them strength in bearing this loss during these difficult times. Suzie told us that her mother is still going strong, she is 96 and still lives alone. Much love to all of you, from Ruud and Ineke.
Lassen Volcanic National Park, California, USA.
Ruud’s 52nd birthday was celebrated at home with the Henisees in Lake Almanor, Calfornia.
Suzie’s mother Julie Spengler, lived elsewhere in Ca. but she also had a cabin in Lake Almanor.
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