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On November 2015 we found on YouTube “a tribute to the great André Rieu”, sang by Valerie Masters. So she must be a FAN! Valerie Masters, born on April 24th, 1940, is a former British singer, actress, and TV/radio presenter. The picture on the right was made in 1960. Below you can hear the tribute song to André.
Adele Geritzen (UK, lives in Italy) created a fan photo show of the Cologne concert February 26th 2016. So nice to see fan friends from Italy, UK, Malta, the Netherlands, Germany, and France, attending this concert. Thank you Adele! Click on the picture below.
March 2016. Fan photo show, Created by Jennifer Harrison. Grove Gathering Lunch of the André Rieu Friendship Group In New Zealand: Katikati Birds Gardens, Bay of Plenty. Looks like Paradise over there! Click on the video below
April 2016: Happy 4th Birthday to the André Rieu friendship group, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Created by Jennifer Harrison. Congratulations to this happy and active group!
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