Jigsaw puzzle October 17, 2023
André Rieu available in a thousand pieces in the store The Limburger, by Timo Schmid October 17, 2023 Translated by Ineke, edited by Diana D. Le Violinist André Rieu will soon be available in stores in 1000 pieces. Games manufacturer Ravensburger makes a puzzle of the Maastricht resident for the 'Cities of the World' series. An artist from the city of Groningen (NL), Frans Le Roux, has the honor of making the drawing. Months of work "It took me two and a half to three months to do it. It's a lot of work, but fortunately I didn't have to draw all 10,000 visitors," jokes Le Roux. According to the artist, Rieu himself also provided many ideas for the drawing. "André was very involved, I liked that. He must be an inspiring man for his orchestra. Although I was given complete freedom, I often had contact with him," says Le Roux. Vrijthof concert The 1000-piece puzzle features a concert by the violinist on the Vrijthof. Many things go wrong during the concert: a balloon makes an emergency landing on the square and a bull runs through the audience. Le Roux made his first sketches from Restaurant Momus on the Vrijthof. "I ended up in Momus for the puzzle perspective. I used to always take a drone with me, but that is no longer allowed. I am very precise, the architecture is exactly right, and I have also drawn the stage and many of the orchestra members as best as possible." The puzzle will be available in stores in Maastricht at the end of this week. A week later, it will be also available in the rest of the country.
On Thursday Oct. 19th at 4.00 pm, André received the first puzzle on the Vrijthof square from the maker: Mr. Frans Le Roux.
From “The Limburger”, photo credit: Rob Oostwegel.
Interview TV Maastricht: “In reality nothing goes wrong in my concert, but here everything goes wrong… I don’t do puzzles, but I'm sure Marjorie will do the puzzle right away.” To order the puzzle, click HERE.
André Rieu in a thousand pieces on the Vrijthof The Limburger, by Jeroen Geerts, October 19, 2023 Translated by Ineke, edited by Diana D. Le The jigsaw puzzle is available in stores in Maastricht. The very first André Rieu puzzle will be available nationwide from November 1, 2023. Worldwide available from January 1, 2024. He is not a real puzzler; the orchestra leader must admit. “My wife does.” But André Rieu was happy to receive the first copy on Thursday, of course at 'his' Vrijthof. “Especially in Mexico, I've seen some crazy things when it comes to merchandise with my name on it. But this is special.” The Ravensburger edition is now on the Maastricht store shelves. The 1000-piece puzzle will be available worldwide from January 1, 2024. The games giant already had photo puzzles of Maastricht. This is the first with a drawing by Frans le Roux, who opted for a Vrijthof concert. “For me, this is the drawing with the most figures. The audience, the orchestra.” And then the image is full of all kinds of hidden scenes. Le Roux has already drawn more Dutch cities. “They are going very fast, even in China.” When it was Maastricht's turn, the artist immediately knew that he wanted to do something with Rieu. “A very nice collaboration. He was involved from the first draft.”
Unlike the photo above, this text on the balloon came up once we had completed our puzzle. Did they refer to our fan website??
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