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Rieu Week in July 2020. Dutch TV, L1, Limburg newspaper.
To read an article from the Limburger: “No Rieu concerts on the Vrijthof: This is crap!” on the Harmony Parlor website, click HERE.
This is a video, broadcast by RTL Boulevard, on Sunday July 5th on the Vrijthof, featuring two beloved Dutch André’s!
Photo by Han Scheuerman.
To read another article from Limburg: “André Rieu fears for the survival of his orchestra”. click HERE to go to the Harmony Parlor website.
The Rieu Week, Part 1. Limbourgeois, L1 TV, broadcast a series of five interviews with André Rieu, from 6 - 10 July 2020. Reporter: Jo Cortenraedt. The video above: Monday July 6, 2020: Part 1.
The Rieu Week, Part 2. Tuesday, July 7, 2020.
CHAPEAU Magazine: July-August 2020. In the meantime a big interview appeared in the Chapeau Magazine: Fans say: Maastricht is Heaven! Click HERE to read the article in the Harmony Parlor website.
The Rieu Week, Part 3. Wednesday July 8, 2020.
The Rieu Week, part 4. Thursday, July 9, 2020.
To read more about André’s birthhouse at the Plenkershoven, Maastricht, click HERE. To read more about the mini concert on the Our Dear Lady Square, September 30, 2016: click HERE.
LIMBOURGEOIS, L1, Wednesday July 15, 2020. Interviewer: Jo Cortenraedt. Duration 55 minutes. André’s unforgettable Vrijthof concerts.
A compilation video. The first lines are Dutch spoken. Translation: “Normally, mid July, here on the Vrijthof, it is filled with chairs and a huge stage for the yearly Vrijthof concerts by André Rieu. This year it is empty due to the government measures, but we’ve made a nice compilation of the past years, hoping that next year we again can experience these concerts. But now: André’s unforgettable Vrijthof concerts”. All the rest of the video is English spoken.
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