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Paris/Brussels/Frankfurt/London - Maastricht by Train Updated with 2024 details.
Traveling by high-speed train to Maastricht? Maastricht is not served directly by one of the high speed trains in Europe. Please find below some information how to get (by train) to Maastricht if you travel on one of the following high-speed trains. Eurostar: from the UK (London) to Brussels South (Midi), then onwards to Liège-Guilemins TGV: from Paris to Brussels South (Midi), then onwards to Liège-Guilemins ICE: from Frankfurt to Brussels, exit train at Liège-Guilemins If you arrive by plane on Schiphol (Amsterdam) airport, please have a look at this page for train details. When you arrive on any of the other airports mentioned below, then follow the instructions as indicated. Tickets for the high-speed trains can be purchased through the websites as indicated. All sites have a button to select the English version of the website. Tickets for high-speed trains can be purchased three months in advance and the earlier you book the better discount you may get, or consult your travel agency. From Paris (Charles-de-Gaulle), Dusseldorf (City or Airport) Dortmund or London The TGV and Eurostar trains have merged into a single service. Visit to select your trip. Select the departing and arriving station from the list, if not shown, simply type the first 3-4 characters of the stations name. Hints: From Paris Gare du Nord or Paris Charles de Gaulle select Liège-Guilemins as destination. From London Pancras select Brussel-Midi + any station in Belgium as first stop. Change train in Brussels as described below. From Dortmund or Dusseldorf (City or Airport) select Liège-Guilemins as destination. From Frankfurt City or Airport The Eurostar does not service Frankfurt anymore. Please visit, then select Frankfurt HBF or Airport as departure and type Koeln as destination. From the drop-down list select Köln HBF as final destination (Do not select Cologne, you will end-up at the ‘Messe’ station on the other side of the river Rhine). From Cologne take the Eurostart to Liège-Guilemins. Brussels to Liège-Guilemins: Unfortunately there is no direct connection (anymore) from Brussels to Maastricht. You need to change trains at Liège-Guilemins. See for the schedule. At the left of the screen enter From: Brussels-Midi to: Maastricht. To purchase a ticket (up to 1 month in advance), return to time main screen and select press the “Buy a Ticket” button and you will be redirected to the Belgium international trains site. This train will depart at xx:55 from Brussels South/Midi platform 7. Liège-Guilemins to Maastricht If you do not have a ticket yet, purchase one at the station , then check from which platform the train to Maastricht departs. Note: At the end of May part of the trip is done by bus due to flooding of the track and maintenance works. Always check the screens on the station for more information.