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The one millionth visitor!! Friday July 19, 2019.
On Friday July 19th 2019, Pierre received the one millionth visitor to the André concerts on the Vrijthof. The Limburger: July 19, 2019: Anne van Kimmenade from Eindhoven was welcomed on Friday evening as the one millionth visitor to the concerts of André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra on the Vrijthof in Maastricht. Rieu gave his first concert 15 years ago on the famous square in his birthplace and his city of residence. The one millionth visitor was expected somewhere during the current series of twelve concerts. So it happened to be Van Kimmenade, who had come to the show with her husband Rob and her aunt. It was the first time that the Eindhoven family attended a concert by Rieu, which they did know from television. Anne van Kimmenade had received the ticket for the performance as a birthday present. The one millionth visitor was welcomed by Rieu's son Pierre and received a VIP arrangement for next year's concert series. Rieu and his orchestra will still perform on Saturday and Sunday evening in Maastricht. Sunday's concert is the one hundredth on the Vrijthof by the Maastricht violinist and orchestra leader.
This video is recorded by Ruud, from the hotel room.
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