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May 6, 2024 New event in Maastricht on July 10th 2024. Trio SAAMn (Trio Together). During the month of July, the city of Maastricht will buzz with the sounds of André Rieu's Johan Strauss Orchestra on weekends. On Wednesday, July 10, you can enjoy a concert by the trio SAAMn in Kapel Opveld in Maastricht, which will transport visitors to different atmospheres with a very varied concert. The trio has already rehearsed several times in Kapel Opveld and is delighted with the acoustics in the Chapel. The trio from André Rieu's orchestra consists of Martine Wijers - piano, Linda Custers - violin and Kalki Schrijvers - Mezzo soprano. Click here for tickets
May 31, 2024. Instagram. We enjoyed playing in this beautiful chapel “Kapel Opveld” in Heer, Maastricht. Actually, this chapel/church served as a monestary chapel. Since 2023 it has been transformed into a stage for theatre and music. We are very happy that we could rehearse and perform here! Special thanks to Jean Boelen, who made it possible for us to play there. Will we see you on our concert on the 10th of July? Order your tickets here!: saamn-in-concert/
Martine Wijers (piano), Linda Custers (violin), Kalki Schrijvers (Mezzo soprano).
Trio SAAMn July 10, 2024, Kapel Opveld, Maastricht.
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