Free mini concert on September 30th, 2016 For “Time for MAX” TV Broadcast
The last time that André Rieu performed on the OLV plein (Our Dear Lady’s square) in Maastricht, was in 1999. Click HERE to read an article from the Limburg Paper on the Harmony Parlor. Hotel Derlon posted the following details about the mini concert: Free seat reservations on Sept. 20, from 11 AM, on www.derlon.com/rieu. There is a possibility to book a hotel arrangement with Hotel Derlon at the OLV square. Price: € 175,-- per person. You get a luxurious hotel room, a guaranteed seat on the square, a wine- and dine arrangement afterwards and the next morning a breakfast buffet. (630 free seats were “sold-out” within 2 minutes! After 997 requests and 7 minutes the bookings were stopped: the Derlon website page was turned off). The stage will be erected at the Bredestraat/Plankstraat side of the square, and there will be LED screens, so everyone will have a good view. Program for September 30: 3 PM access to terraces (with ticket reservations) 4 PM check cameras MAX and AR. 5 PM Start of the live broadcast “Time for MAX”, NPO 1, Dutch TV. 5.10 PM interview with André, Pierre and Marc Rieu 5.30 PM mini concert by AR and JSO. 6 PM. It’s over. (At least: the TV broadcast!)
The Limburg Paper revealed the mystery of the two seats booked by Australians Frans and Barbara Out, from Cranbourne, Australia. They managed to secure two seats within the few minutes the Derlon web page was open for bookings. The organizers wondered who would fly 22 hours for a mini concert lasting 30 minutes?  But Frans and Barbara, both having Dutch roots, happened to be in Limburg for a family visit. Frans emigrated to Australia with his parents when he was 11 years old, now 43 years ago. To attend a Rieu concert in Maastricht was high on this couple’s bucket list. Frans’ mother-in-law booked concert tickets for next month in Melbourne, and now the couple will attend an unexpected mini concert in Maastricht!  How lucky they can be! Click HERE to go to the Harmony Parlor for the translated article “Free Rieu tickets were gone in less than 2 minutes”.
Preparations for the mini concert and TV program on September 30, 2016
Photo Left: the founder and manager of ”Omroep MAX” (Broadcasting company for the elderly): Jan Slagter. Photo Right: The presenters Sybrand Niessen and Martine van Os.
Building the new stage on the OLV square (Our Dear Lady’s square) around two big trees. Click HERE to go to a translated article from L1 News in the Harmony Parlor. September 30, 2016: Free Mini Concert for Time for MAX, Live broadcast on Dutch Television.
Ruud was successful in securing four seats within the available two minutes and Gemma and Nand from Belgium joined us at this mini concert. Prior to the concert there were rehearsals and sound/ camera checks. André had to deal with the MAX director and they were like two captains on a ship…. That is hard for André! The Maestro apologized in advance to his audience since he had to be seated at the interview table with his back to the audience. He did not like that, but MAX convinced him that the audience behind him will be seen, which gave a better picture on TV. So André adviced the public: “Then you will be famous on TV”. During the rehearsals we had to sing the “Wilhelmus”, the Dutch National Anthem. That was for a different program, for the Dutch soldiers serving their country abroad. André delivered a message for them (which we did not hear). Below a video of the rehearsals. Translated by Ineke, edited by John.
Sound check: Silence please. Video below: Live TV broadcast on September 30, 2016. Translated by Ineke, edited by John.
A very special concert. The square was intimate, the atmosphere was great, musicians behind trees and André behind a post (with a work of art on top), and the pigeons flying around, homeless! As a surprise the Maestro played the song “Star of the Sea”, as a tribute to Our Dear Lady “Sterre der Zee” (in the Chapel of the OLV Basilica). After the concert we stayed at the square for dinner and guess who arrived at a table next to us? They happily allowed us to take a photo for the website. Sorry Gosia (who was next to Frank) that you did not make it in this picture. Next time better!
classical  purists
  André Rieu fans
The video below is a short interview by Jo Cortenraedt of L1 with André just after the concert. Translated by Ineke, edited by John.
Ruud and Ineke spent the night in Maastricht. The next morning they had breakfast at the Brasserie Monopole. The fun then is to ask on Facebook as to where we are, and after a while…. somewhere from the world, a picture appears on Facebook from the Vrijthof webcam!! It is so much fun!! Margaret Sansom from Australia was the first!! More pictures came from the UK and Brazil!
Adieu Maestro!! See you again in July.
On Monday October 3rd, the hosts of the “Tijd voor MAX” program returned to their normal studio broadcasts. They started the Monday program with some never seen images from the concert. To our surprise Ineke was in!
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