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12 Maastricht concerts in July 2023 on the Vrijthof square.
Part 1, duration: 36 minutes
Part 2, duration: 39 minutes
Encores, duration: 31 minutes
Dorona Alberti and the gospel choir (Golden voices of gospel).
“Make a wish” patients with the tenors.
Emma Kok (15). More about Emma, click HERE.
Photo credits: Marcel van Hoorn.
Kasia from Poland.
On Sunday July 9th 2023 a very bad weather forecast was announced The lamps were lowered and the stage was covered. Warnings appeared on André’s Facebook and on the big screens. Ponchos were on each seat.
From André’s Facebook: IMPORTANT The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) has announced rain showers, hail, and heavy wind gusts for this afternoon and early evening. It is expected that the extreme weather will subside at the beginning of the evening making it possible for the concert to take place at 9:00 PM. We ask everyone NOT to come to the Vrijthof TOO EARLY and to stay safe. Follow the instructions and directions of security personnel and traffic controllers and keep an eye on the weather forecast and our social media channels. Note: During the concert it stayed dry!
1. Entry of the Gladiators, 2. Blaze away. 3. Volare. 4. Funiculi Funicula. 5. Exodus Song. 6. Balade pour Adeline. 8. Voila. 9. Scotland the Brave.10. Highland Cathedral. 11. Muss i Denn. 12. Csardas Furstin. 13. Im Weissen Rossl. 2. INTERMISSION 1. Colonel Bogey March. 2. I belong to me. 3. Oh, when the saints. 4. I will follow him. 5. Amen. 6. Oh, happy day. 7. Caro Nome. 8. An der schonen blauen Donau. 9. Bolero. 3. ENCORES 1. Radetzkymarch. 2. Strauss and Co. 3. Libiamo. 4. Tutti Frutti. 5. Can’t help falling in love. 6. Those were the days. 7. It’s raining men. 8. We are the world. 9. Maastricht Anthem. 10. Mestricht is neet breid. 11. Amazing Grace. 12. Adieu, mein kleiner Gardeoffizier. 13. Marina. Thanks once again to Michel Fizzano (manager of the big screens) for creating these images, being behind the scenes and making a live selection of all available camera images. We have added some scenes taken from our hotel room.
After the Maastricht concerts double bass player Roland Lafosse will retire. A new female double bass player (Camila) is already playing in the orchestra.
July 15th from Bela’s Facebook: “I had a nasty fall after yesterday's show and when I went to the hospital today, it turned out my arm is broken. I'll still be singing at the Vrijthof tonight, but maybe my dancing will be a little less enthusiastic than usual... I will see you tonight, your energy and positivity will pull me through.
Waltzing the Blue Danube! Enzo Kok (Emma’s brother) asked his mother to dance!
It was not very noticeable during the performance because the plaster resembled a cuff.
This year’s Bolero set the whole city on fire!
On Sunday July 16th in the Cellebroeders Chapel: Concert by the ensemble “VerrasSing”: Madieke Marjon Schoots, Christina Petrou and Joline Soomers. Accompanied by Frank Steijns on the piano. Surprise guests were: Laurianne Thysebaert (violin), Léon van Wijk, (accordion), Lars Wachelder (horn). More surprises: Madieke, Christina and Joline played ukuleles.
On Sunday July 23, 2023, Frank Steijns played a carillon concert from the tower of the Maastricht town hall, as a tribute to the legendary American crooner Tony Bennett, who passed away on July 21st 2023 at the age of 96.
Mrs. Elise (Tiny) Aerts (88) taught André to play the violin when he was 5 years old. Was she the pretty young blond teacher with whom he fell in love at the age of 5?
A rainy concert with two rainbows.
Tony Bennett.
Last (12th) concert: As a surprise Pierre appeared on stage as a bagpiper!
Wednesday July 26, 2023: Three days after the last concert the square was cleaned up as if nothing had happened!
July 28, 2023. Roland Lafosse (double bass player) shared this great photo on his Facebook account. "And yes, as André says, at each concert: Everything has an end. So, I just retired".
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