Animated book and series
Animated series March 31, 2024. Pierre on Instagram So, it is time to share a secret with you all. We have been working on a children's animation series for quite some time now. More to that soon. Here is a get-well-soon card from our super talented head designer Samanta Erdini. Isn't this super cute! Are you curious to see more?
De Limburger, March 31, 2024, by Sterre Schlicher André Rieu plays a leading role in his own animated book and series André Rieu plays the main character in his own children's book, which will be released at the end of this year. An animated series will also be released at a later date. "It is a very accessible way to involve children in André Rieu's work," says Pierre Rieu, who shared a first drawing of the book on his social media. Little children The animation is about André and 'little André', who experience all kinds of adventures involving music. It is not yet known what the title of the children's book will be. It should be published at the end of the year. "We had the idea for a few years to do something with this, because many small children listen to André's music. In this way, we hope to involve that target group even more." Animated series In the meantime, work is also being done in the background on a 2D animated series. The main designer of the drawings is Samanta Erdini, who has worked for Lego and Disney, among others. The team also consists of twenty other people who help. "Making an animation is an awful lot of work," says Pierre. "We have set up a studio specifically for this in Mexico and have already worked on a 2.5-minute teaser. But we are not sharing it yet." He does plan to show more on social media in the near future. "The focus now is on twelve 10-minute episodes."
André is playing "Cielito Lindo". The nurse says: "He still thinks he is doing a concert in Mexico". The other lady, who seems to be Marjorie, says: "Oh, poor André, it's the Mexican fever". The dog is thinking: “Now I will have this Mexican song in my head for eternity! “
Video: Shownieuws, April 2, 2024.
Emma Kok posted these pictures on Facebook. May 2024, during the tour to England/ London.