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In August 2014 Bill Oliver from the UK became a member of the Harmony Parlor on Facebook. He posted a few video clips from 1997/98, which he recorded from the Austrian and German Television. We enjoyed them very much. Please watch below.
A 12 minutes video clip about André’s rise to fame, with fragments of different interviews. Amongst others: the presentation of the World Music Award, with Shania Twain and Michael Jackson in the first row of the awards ceremony.
A 6 minutes video clip of the first Anvil Polka sketch. Of course with Roland Lafosse the double base player and this first time together with Marc Doomen, French horn player. Funny detail: André’s bus driver is bringing out the anvil.
“Musikanten Städl” was Karl Moik’s program in Austria. He made André famous in Germany and Austria. This 11 minutes video clip was recorded from ORF: Austrian TV.
A 2 minutes video clip: clog dancing with German TV presenter Barbara Wussow.
To our regret Bill Oliver passed away on January 25th 2016.
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