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King’s Day 2022 Maastricht, April 11 and 27, 2022.
The Limburger, April 12, 2022. By Roel Wiche. Translation Ineke/John. April 11, 2022. King’s day concert at the Theater of the Vrijthof. King's Day is only two weeks away, but Maastricht is already rolling out the red carpet on Monday evening, April 11th for King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. They attended the traditional King's Day concert in the Theater on the Vrijthof. Upon arrival, the Royal Brass Band Sainte Cécile from Eijsden serenaded them. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima then met with guests, mainly people involved in the organization of King's Day on April 27. Artists performing on King's Day were also present. According to Brigitte van Eck, manager of the Theater, the royal company will be received in style. The red carpet was rolled out at the entrance. After that, the roles were essentially being reversed. “The king and queen are host and hostess for this evening. They offer this concert to all employees of King's Day to thank them." The King's Day concert – which will be broadcast on Dutch TV, NPO2 on 27 April at 8.30 pm – has a strong regional Limburg influence. For example, the program has been put together with the South Dutch Philharmonic and Opera South, with contributions from, among others, the Maastricht city carillonneur Frank Steijns. The visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to the theater is a kind of dress rehearsal for the spectacle on April 27. The royal procession then makes a two-hour tour through Maastricht's city center, where the best of Limburg's culture and music world will make an appearance. The internationally renowned Maastricht DJ duo Lucas & Steve, waltz king André Rieu and the Grande Dame of the Limburg carnival song, Beppie Kraft, will give flashy performances. At the Vrijthof, Rowwen Hèze will provide the apotheosis with a song specially composed for King's Day: “Bride on bare feet”. Then – according to the script – the Wilhelmus (National Anthem) will be sung by thousands of voices, supported by the “Mastreechter Staar”, all male choir.
Thank you Han Scheuerman and L1 television for the video of the arrival  of the royal couple at the Theater on the Vrijthof.
Brass Band Sainte Cécile from Eijsden. Photocredits: Harry Heuts.
Frank Steijns’ mobile carillon
Theatre on the Vrijthof.
In 2007 the members of the popular Limburg band Rowwen Hèze were André’s guests in the July Vrijthof concerts. Jack Poels is the lead singer (and guitarist) of the Limburg dialect band. Poels writes most of the music and lyrics for this band. The music he makes is a mixture of (Irish) folk, tex-mex and traditional (Spanish/Mexican) music.
April 16, 2022. De Telegraaf. Translated article. Andre Rieu: I would like for Maxima to waltz. Click HERE to go to the Harmony Parlor blogspot to read the article.
April 26, 2022. Impression of the rehearsals of André Rieu and Rowwan Heze on the day prior to King’s Day. André was very relaxed. Duration of the video: 10 minutes.
Monarchy fan Johan Vlemmix with his sculpture of Crown Princess Amalia (18).
We spotted a new violinist.
Traditional in orange outfits. Even Flo, Pierre’s dog had a touch of orange.
Rowwan Heze on the Vrijthof.
Photo of the year!
April 27, 2022. Taken from Dutch TV: André Rieu’s mini concert for the Royal Family. For now without subtitles in English, since we are on holiday. Did you see Laura Engel, Pascal and Meteo in the audience??
From left to right: Princess Ariane, Princess Alexia, Queen Maxima, King Willem-Alexander, Crown Princess Amalia.
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