Grand Prix of the Netherlands Formula 1.
The Grand Prix of the Netherlands, Car Racing. The Formula 1 car races take place on the race track in Zandvoort (NL) on August 27, 2023. The 25-year-old Dutch racing driver Max Verstappen, became F 1 world champion in 2021, 2022, and now he is on his way to add 2023. Of course he is the Dutch audience’s number one favorite. André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra, together with the Dutch DJ La Fuente, were invited to perform the opening ceremony by entertaining the public and playing the Dutch National Anthem (“The Wilhelmus”).
August 24th: rehearsing the ceremony.
Telegraaf/Privé. August 24, 2023. Duration of the video: 5 minutes.Translation Ineke/John. Subtitles Ruud.
Quote by DJ La Fuente: “The moment the race starts, you really get goosebumps. Then everyone will wave flags. Rieu and I will mix our music in the block before the “Wilhelmus.” We challenge each other. Two musical worlds will then meet. I went to Maastricht to rehearse with the orchestra. In the orchestra leader's studio. Delicious with currant buns and Limburg flan.”
Duration: 8 minutes. Pre Race Performance by André Rieu and DJ La Fuente Images: Viaplay, and Instagram
Max Verstappen, on his way to become world champion car racing 2023.
Duration: 7 minutes. Dutch talkshow “OP1”. Interview with André. August 28, 2023. Translation will follow as soon as we have time. (preparing to leave for Malta now).
King Willem-Alexander and André Rieu.
André was wearing a special Formula 1 brooch.
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