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Fan Dinner in Maastricht In 2020 & 2021 all concerts canceled: Date for 2022: Friday July 8th.
Fan dinner registration Please use the form below to register for the 2022 Fan Dinner. Once you have registered, you will be forwarded to a payment form. To go straight to the payment form, click HERE. Due to a VAT increase, the price for the 2022 Fan Dinner (included three drinks: one welcoming drink (Cava of orange juice) and two drink coupons at the check-in table) and Paypal (bank) fee, is not yet known. Price in 2019 was € 43,50 per person, paid by PayPal. Price could be different for 2022. Bank transfers within Europe were € 42,00 per person, in 2019. You may register and pay via the form on this page. The golden rule is: as soon as we have received your monies, you’ll receive our confirmation and you are definitely on our list. Please pay before the 20th of June 2022. Registration will be closed on June 25, 2022, because we have to pay the shipping company in advance.
The FAN Dinner history 2005 was the first fan dinner of the concerts on the Vrijthof. A mere 25 persons attended this dinner arrangement on the second floor of the restaurant D’n Ingel (Vrijthof restaurant). The staff provided us with a TV screen in the room, since we could not see the stage due to the many trees in front of the restaurant. We stayed there all night until the concert was over, and there were 3 nationalities: The Netherlands, Belgium, and the USA. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 we organized the fan dinner to take place on the first floor of the Restaurant “Charlemagne” on the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Plein (Our Dear Lady Square), from 5 to 8 PM. The number of participants grew every year. And with 65 fans (from 8 nationalities) in 2008, we reached the maximum for this location. In 2009 (5 concerts) the fan dinner (buffet style) was held for the first time on one of the river Maas (Meuse) cruise ships, the “Scheldevallei”, from the Stiphout Shipping Company. It was a big success! We had 90 participants from 14 nationalities. For the first time we welcomed guests from Hong Kong, Brazil and South Africa. In 2010 (6 concerts) we welcomed 105 fans from 13 nationalities on the ship, and for the first time we welcomed fans from Malta and New Zealand. Ship: “Scheldevallei”. In 2011 (6 concerts) we welcomed 94 guests with 13 different nationalities. Less than the year before, since the concerts (and the attending fans) were divided over two weekends. For the first time we had guests from Argentina attend. Ship: “Scheldevallei”. 2012 (5 concerts) was a difficult year. Due to a sudden change of concert dates from July to June and concerts for only one long weekend, many fans had to cancel. Many new fans signed up, and all in all we ended up with 150 fans from 18 nationalities on the ship! This time Japan was present! Ship: “Scheldevallei”. In 2013 there were 6 concerts on the Vrijthof square. The fan dinner took place on July 5th, where 122 persons from 15 nationalities had signed up. For the first time fans from Ireland and Poland joined us. Ship: “Scheldevallei”. In 2014 there were 8 concerts on the Vrijthof square over 3 weekends!! 160 persons from 18 nationalities had signed up for the fan dinner on July 11. For the first time: Estonian and Spanish fans joined us. This time, due to the large number of fans attending, we changed to a larger ship, named the “Geulvallei”. In 2015 there were 7 concerts on the Vrijthof square which took place over two weekends, including the Thursday in between. 135 adults and 2 children signed up for the fan dinner on Friday July 10, from 17 nationalities. For the first time we welcomed one lady from Uruguay. Ship: “Geulvallei”. In 2016 there were 7 concerts over two weekends, again including the Thursday in between the two weekends. 143 fans from 15 nationalities attended the fan dinner on Friday July the 8th. Carmen Monarcha and Gary Bennett joined us, being followed by a camera crew. Ship: “Scheldevallei”. New for this year: AIRCO added to the ship!! In 2017 there were 10 concerts over three weekends. 135 fans from 16 nationalities attended the fan dinner on Friday July 7th 2017. Gary Bennett came aboard to greet the fans. Ship: Scheldevallei. In 2018 André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra performed 13 concerts over three weeks. 104 fans from 15 nationalities attended the fan dinner on Friday the 6th of July 2018. Ship: Scheldevallei. In 2019 we had 75 guests, due to a malfunction of the concert ticket sales, so that most of the hard core fans could not buy concert tickets for the first weekend, had to come to Maastricht the second or third weekend, and missed out the fan dinner. We had 13 nationalities on board and for the first time one lady from Lebanon. The fan dinner took place at Friday July 5th 2019. Ship: Scheldevallei. We celebrated that 10 years in a row Shipping Company Stiphout hosted our fan dinners with excellent buffets. 2020 & 2021: All concerts and of course also the fan dinner, had to be canceled, due to the worldwide Corona virus.
The three course dinner will be BUFFET STYLE with open seating. Registration and payment in advance is needed. Access to the ship starts at 4.30 PM. A professional photographer is at the entrance. The Buffet is served from 5.30 PM to 8.00 PM. At the end a group photo will be made by Al Girard. The Vrijthof concert starts at 9.00 PM. André will be at the theater steps as from 8.45 PM. There is plenty of time to go to the Vrijthof square to attend the concert in time (a 10 minutes walk).
The three course buffet menu for 2019 was: (2020 & 2021 had to be canceled, 2022 not known yet) Smoked ham with melon, Cream of courgette soup -.- Grilled ham with a mustard sauce, Fried pike-perch with a chervil sauce, Potato garnish Rice, Vegetables of the season, Salads. -.- Dame Blanche, Fresh fruit salad, Profiterols with vanilla sauce. You will be welcomed on the ship with a welcoming drink (Cava or orange juice) and please check in with Ruud and Ineke at the reception table, where we can check our participation list, so we may know that the proper people are on board. We’ll give you two more drink coupons per person, i.e. tea, coffee, sodas, beer, or wine. Additional drinks or drinks such as cognac, whisky etc. may be ordered on a cash only and pay as you go basis.
Location: Rederij (Shipping company) Stiphout, Maaspromenade 58, Maastricht, the Netherlands (close to the ancient Servaas-bridge). You'll recognize the ship with the André-decorations!
The video above is part of the road soap Welcome to my World 2, episode 10: “My musical year”. The images of the fan dinner and fan picnic were recorded in July 2016. It is not guaranteed that soloists or JSO members will appear to meet the fans. We never know what will happen. Cardboard André will always be there!!
Traditionally Ruud and Ineke organize ONE fan dinner during the Maastricht concert series, and as in the past, this will be held on the first Friday concert as announced by Andre Rieu. For the 2022 concerts, this will be Friday July 8. Please read all the information on this page before you fill in the registration form.
Please wear name tags, badges or signs from your country, so you can easily be recognized by your country’s fans. More information: The ship will not be sailing, but will actually be a floating restaurant. It has two floors and an open air deck, so there is plenty of room! The ship is wheelchair accessible. We'll decorate the ship in André style and will of course introduce all the nationalities.
In the meantime, Ludo Mesters, with whom we had done business for 10 years with the fans dinner, is retired. In July 2020 we said goodbye and thanked him for all he had done for us.
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