Maastricht 2016 Dress Rehearsal
Sound check. Images of the first sound check on the afternoon of Thursday, July 7, 2016. It was a great view to see the waltzing couples on an empty Vrijthof square.
Why is there a man under Mirusia’s dress and what is he doing there? Why did Gosha join them as well? And why does “Jan” need to pull the little wire while under the dress? Watch the video below and find out. To read an article in the Harmony Parlor about the LEDs under the dress, click HERE.
Look, who was there??? Do you remember the young violin player in the red polo shirt? Enzo Kok with his family.
Why is Stephanie Detry standing on the piano, while Ward Vlasveld is playing?
Click on the picture to go to Adele Geritzen’s photoshow about the rehearsals and the concerts.
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