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Fans July 2023
Kyle’s birthday celebration On July 6, 2023, Kyle Craft celebrated his 30th birthday in Maastricht, with a lot of friends in restaurant “La Chine” on the market square. Tenor Gary Bennett came along to sing for him. What a surprise!! Another surprise was the presence of our dear Facebook (group: 23.000 members) administrator: Chris Fowler from the UK, who was in Maastricht for the first time.
Kyle Kraft from California, USA, Chris Fowler from the UK, Isabel Sabastian from Singapore.
Chris Fowler and Lily Choy.
Gary’s birthday gift to Kyle.
Members of the Harmony Parlor after the first concert on July 6th 2023.
Members of the Harmony Parlor after the 3rd concert on July 8th 2023.
Group photo after the 2nd concert on July 7th 2023.
Group photo after the 4th concert on July 9th 2023.
Part of the VIP tour. Thanks to Gunilla Burlin (Sw).
Chris waltzing with Rhonda. Thanks to Isabel (Singapore).
June Shute lit a candle for Malcolm, who passed away 8 years ago. The second candle is for her friends Barbara and Harold Johnson, whose ashes were scattered here in Maastricht.
June Shute and Elaine, UK
Where would he come from??
Martine Calvinhac (Fr) and Chris Fowler (UK)
Al Girard (Can) and fans from Amsterdam.
Julia, Marlene (Brasil), Ineke, Kathy
Karen Grandvaux (Fr).
fans from The Hague, NL.
Interview: all the way from Denmark? Wow!
Kirsten Esbensen.
Visitors in Ruud and Ineke’s room
Ruud and Adele Geritzen
Harmony Parlor group photo after the 5th concert on Thursday 13th.
Fans from the UK
Polish fans Marlena, Joanna, Arletta, Joanna.
To finish the 6th concert: a treat (??) from the Harmony Parlor choir to sing “Amen”. Conducted by Adele Geritzen.
At the end of the 7th concert The Harmony Parlor Choir said “Adieu”, led by Adele (it was her last concert before heading home to Italy.) Thanks Adele for the fun!!
Saturday July 15th, the start of a rainy 7th concert, but at last it stayed dry!
Adele Geritzen
Harmony Parlor fans after the 8th concert on July 16th.
La Chine! Ulla Rasmussen (DK), Anne, Vivienne, Bernadette (Ireland), Jennifer Dawson (USA), Lily and I.
Selfie of the wet 9th concert. Apparently no one else wanted to wait for the group photo after the concert! Julia, Kathy, Carolyn (NZ), Hanne (De).
Below: at the end of the 10th concert: Kathy, Valerie Harvey (Can), Carolyn, Charisa-Elisa (Nl), Hanne Jäger, (De), Lily Choy, Julia.
During the 10th concert André was hit by pigeon poo. During the intermission we heard a shot. No, they did not shoot the pigeon! It seemed that one of the goldstreamers canons had gone off too early. It could not wait until the Radetzky March!
The Johnson family (UK): Lynn Orme, Kevin, Ned, Rob, Elaine.
Martine Calvinhac (Fr) and Ineke. Jenny and Jac Fourie (SA)
The 11th concert: Tonia (Be), Carolyn, Julia, Kathy, (NZ) Hanne (Germany).
Adoración, Montserrat and Maite Funtanet, from Spain.
Lynn, Ned Johnson, Jessica Jane, UK.
Final Harmony Parlor group photo from Maastricht this year, on a wet but happy Sunday evening, July 23rd 2023. 12th concert.
Lily and Jane Choy. (La Chine).
Martine Rapin and Michelle Flament (Fr).
Richard and Sue Dawnay, UK. And Gary.
Bernadette, Jennifer Dawson, Lily.
Al Girard, John and Sue Casimir, at Hotel de la Bourse.
Adele, Kathy, Julia, Ineke, Carolyn.
Al Girard, Canada.
Ruud Elshout, NL
David Parnis, Malta.
Mary, Brendon O’Halloran (Ireland) and Béla.
A present (photos) from Julia and Kathy for Roland Lafosse, who retires after the 2023 Maastricht concert series.
The Fouries (SA) and Calvinhacs (Fr).
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