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Great Maastricht Dialect Dictation 2020 on May 31st 2020 (Sept. 27th 2020).
February 5, 2020. Interview on L1 (Limburg TV). André Rieu will read the Great Maastricht Dialect Dictation of 2020, which is written by his wife Marjorie. It was a challenge to translate from Limburg dialect, but we think John and Ineke managed.
André Rieu's wife to write the Great Mestreechs (Maastricht dialect) Dictation of 2020. From L1, Limburg Central, by Randy Beaumont. Note: Every year there are "Great Dictations of the Dutch language and/or “dialects" throughout the Netherlands. They are self-written stories which are then read and the people participating must then write the spoken text without errors. Of course the sport is to include a few difficult sentences and words. The person with the least amount of language/dialect errors is the winner. The organization of the Great Mestreechs Dictation has asked world star André Rieu this year to write the dictation. André Rieu revealed that in L1mburg Central. De stand-alone-violinist will not write the text himself, but leaves that to his wife. Rieu himself will read the text in the Maastricht dialect. Pleasantly surprised Hortense Brounts, chairman of the dialect association Veldeke Maastricht, is very happy with Rieu's participation. A new committee has been formed and it has come up with the idea of asking more famous people, like Mayor Penn, the governor of Limburg Theo Bovens and Cecile Narinx, who have already written their texts before. We now thought: "We would just ask Rieu”. To our great surprise, he said yes and we are very happy with his answer." To Read aloud It is extra special for Veldeke Maastricht that the 70-year-old world star will be participating, since the association has already been in existence for 40 years. The organization is turning to the MECC for this edition of the dictation. There Rieu will read his text, after which Brounts will dictate the text. Audience 100 People can participate in the dictation. People who do not shy away from words such as bloodkrallekettel (Bloodcolored beaded necklace) or pajjemas (pajamas) can register via the website. The dictation will take place on Pentecost Sunday (May 31) and will be broadcast live on L1. Royal day When asked whether Rieu would be participating during the celebration of King's Day in Maastricht, on April 27, the orchestra leader could not answer.
Update: Limburger, April 1st 2020. The date of the great Maastricht dialect dictation has been postponed from May 31 to September 27th 2020, due to the Corona virus ban.
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