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Promoting the Portugal tour. “Happy together”: 2021.
October 2021: To promote the “Happy Together” tour, André appeared in two Portuguese TV Programs. We cannot translate the Portuguese language, but we can understand the English speaking parts. We thank Maria Pereira who manages the lively Portuguese Facebook site Rieu & Companhia - Portugal. She sent us the links. André will perform in the Altice Arena in Lisbon on 2,3,4 December 2021. Plus a recently added concert on December 1st.
RTP Portugal: October 18, 2021. Program: A Nossa Tarde (Our Afternoon), October 18, presented by Tânja Ribas de Oliviera, with guest star André Rieu and his interpreter of the Portuguese language: Vanessa Oliviera. Duration: 10 minutes. And remember: André is going to dance the Blue Danube with Tânja in Lisbon!
RTP Portugal: October 20, 2021. Program: Cá Por Casa com Herman José (Here at home with Herman José). October 20, 2021. Among the guests: André and his interpreter of the Portuguese language: Vanessa Oliveira. Duration of the video: 10 minutes. Presenter Herman José seems to have many talents. He tells André that he saw the DVD “Home at Christmas” and sang along the songs (in German language). He shows some of his singing skills in the program. André invites him to come to Vienna to sing on stage. Herman asks André what he did during the corona lock-down. André: Baking cakes and cooking meals, for instance Ossobuco (Italian stew of vegetables with veal shank) and endive stew with bacon. Sometimes they are speaking German, or French with the lady next to him. Question: which country does he love most? André: Portugal (of course!) and the South American countries, because of the loose mentality. Note: Ruud and I have been in Lisbon in 2019 and we can confirm that the audience there is over the top! We have attended many concerts all across the world, but Lisbon had the most enthusiastic audience ever.
Herman José
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